Comparison of (तुलना) water purifier जल शोधक Livpure Bolt Plus Ecocare VS Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart UV to find which is better.

*MAJOR DIFFERENCES* Livpure Bolt Plus Ecocare WaterPurifier (Rank 35)
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Smart UV WaterPurifier (Rank 36)
VALUE FOR MONEY Not Better Better Buy
Reasons to Consider
Reasons RO+UF+Mineraliser+Copper
TDS Adjuster
Cheap Price for UV
Name Livpure Eureka Forbes
Launch Month Jan-2023 June-2022
Water Filter Type
Type Copper+RO+UF+Smart TDS Adjuster+Mineraliser+Water Recovery UV
Purifying Technology
Stages 7 6
External Pre-Filter Not Required Yes
Sediment Filter Super Sediment Filter HD Filter Catridge(I Filter)
Carbon Filter Present in Pre RO and Post RO Chemi Block Carbon Filter.Present in Pre RO and Post RO
Reverse Osmosis(RO) Yes No
Mesh Filter Yes Yes
UltraViolet(UV) No UV e-boiling
Micro Filter(MF) Ultra Fine(UF) No
Copper Charged RO Copper 29 No
Membrane Type Thin-film composite spiral wound Thin-film composite spiral wound
Mineral Charger Mineraliser No
Taste Adjuster No No
Special Antiscalant Cartridge
TDS Adjuster
Water Saving Technology
ReFill Kit
Price ₹5000 ₹2200
Output Purified Water
TDS Reduction 90% minimum 90% minimum
Purified Water Flow Rate upto 15Liters/hour 120Liter/Hour
Tank Capacity 6.5Liter 0Liter
Hot Water No No
Purification Capacity 6000Liters 6000Liters
Input Water Requirments
Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) upto 1500mg/liter upto 2000mg/liter
Total Hardness 0.2 mg/liter maximum 600 mg/liter maximum
Iron 0.1 mg/liter maximum 0.3 mg/liter maximum
Turbidity 5NTU maximum 5NTU maximum
pH range 6.5 to 8.5 6.5 to 8.5
Pressure Rating 42PSI 42PSI
Length 505mm(20.0inch) 400mm(15.7inch)
Width 295mm(11.5inch) 310mm(12.2inch)
Thickness 275mm(11.0inch) 170mm(6.7inch)
Weight 7.0kg 4.9kg
Mounting Wall Mount Wall Mount
User Interface
LED Yes Yes
Digital Display No No
External Filter Life 6000Liters 3000Liters
Carbon/RO/Sediment Filter Life 6000Liters 6000Liters
UV Lamp Life 10000 burning hrs 5000 burning hrs
Frame Food safe | non-toxic | engineering-grade plastics Food safe | non-toxic | engineering-grade plastics
Power 40Watts 35Watts
Pump Type 24V DC 24V DC
Input Voltage 100-240V 100-240V
Special Copper Cartridge
Saves 20000L Water/Year

ADVISE : Test your water TDS source before buying a Water Purifier. Buy a TDS meter to check for same.
TDS level Required Water Purifier
TDS is less than 200 UV, UF
TDS is greater than 200 RO
TDS is greater than 2000 Domestic Water Purifier cannot be used.
Buy a water softening solution.

TDS & PPM Meter for Household Drinking Water, Swimming Pools, Aquariums, Hydroponics.

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