Comparison Full specification of (तुलना) water heater वॉटर हीटर V-GUARD DIVINO 15L VS Orient Glazio 25L to find which is better.

V-GUARD DIVINO 15L WaterHeater
Orient Glazio 25L WaterHeater
VALUE FOR MONEY Not Better Better Buy
Reasons to Consider
PROS 15Liter Tank
Advanced 4 Level Safety
Temperature Control Knob for adjusting the temperature from 35-75°C
25Liter Tank
Storage Water Heater
Temperature Control Knob
Temperature Dial Indicator
Name V-GUARD Orient
Launch Month Oct-2022 Jan-2023
Water Heater
Type Electric Storage Water Heater Electric Storage Water Heater
Heating technology
Heating element 2kW Incoloy 800(Nickel Alloy) Nickel coated heavy Copper
Electromagnetic Wave Heating No No
Special Temperature Control Knob for adjusting the temperature from 35-75°C Shock-Safe Plug
Tank Features
Tank capacity 15Liter 25Liter
Tank material Thick Gauge steel Stainless Steel
Tank finish and coating PUF Insulation Corrosion-Resistant powder coating Ultra Diamond Glassline-Coated
Tank Body Weldfree joint in outer metal body Unique Weldfree joint in outer metal body
Extreme hard water resistance Yes Yes
Anode rod for rust & corrosion resistance Magnesium Anode Magensium Anode
Water Level Indicator No No
Swirl flow technology No Whirlflow technology
Safety Features
Thermostat Yes Yes
Thermal cut off Yes Yes
Multifunctional safety valve 4 in 1 Multifunctional Valve 4 in 1 Multifunctional Valve
Geyser protection from water splash Polymer coated body IPX4 technology
Insulation Type Fusible Plug Fusible Plug
Electrical Safety 3 Pin Plug 3 Pin Plug
Leakage Circuit Breaker No Earth Leakage Current Breaker
Auto Shut Off No No
Anti-Siphon/Reverse Water Flow Protection Yes Yes
Rated pressure 8 Bar pressure 8 Bar pressure
Standing loss in kWh/24 h/45°C - 0.511 kWh
Mixing factor maximum(%) - 30%
Reheating time in minutes to raise 45to50 °C 40mins 20mins
Maximum flow rate - -
Power Usage
Rated Power Input 2000Watts 2000Watts
Rated Voltage 230V,AC 240V,AC
Rated input current Single Phase Single Phase
BEE rating 5Star 4Star
Energy efficiency feature PUF Insulation PUF Insulation
Basic Features
Installation Position Vertical Vertical
Color White White
Ideal for Bathroom,High rise buildings Bathroom,High rise buildings
LED display Yes Neon Indicator
Digital temperature display No No
Cord Size (length) 1Meter 1Meter
Special Temperature Control Knob for adjusting the temperature from 35-75°C Temperature Control Knob
Height 501mm(19.7inch) 550mm(21.7inch)
Width 341mm(13.4inch) 390mm(15.4inch)
Length 321mm(12.6inch) 380mm(15.0inch)
Weight when empty 9.8kg 11.7kg
Installation Charges ₹350 Free
Mounting Kit Charges ₹250 Pricing List
Tank Warranty 5years 7years
Body and electrical components Warranty 2 years 2years on Product
3years on heating element
Sales Package
Net contents 1Heater, 1 Multi function Valve, 1 Instruction manual, 1 Warranty card
1 geyser,1 MFV,1 user manual,3 fastener,1 mounting bracket
Product Page
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