Comparison Full specification of (तुलना) MicroWave Oven माइक्रोवेव ओवन LG MJEN286UI Convection Microwave 28L VS LG MS2043BP Microwave Solo 20L VS IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Oven 30L to find which is better.

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LG MJEN286UI Convection Microwave 28L
LG MS2043BP Microwave Solo 20L
IFB 30SC4 Convection Microwave Oven 30L
Reasons to Consider
PROS 28L Capacity
Convection MicroWave Oven + Grill
20L Capacity
MicroWave Oven + Grill
30L Capacity
MicroWave + Convection Oven
Launch Month June-2022 April-2017 October-2014
Type Convection MicroWave Oven + Grill MicroWave Oven + Grill MicroWave + Convection Oven
Cooking technology
Convection Heater element Charcoal Quartz Quartz
Grill Heater element Sheath Sheath Sheath
Microwave Yes Yes Yes
Cavity Material Stainless Steel Ceramic Enamel Ceramic Enamel
Turntable Size 31.75cm(12.5inch) 25.5cm(12inch) 31.5cm(12.4inch)
Special Charcoal Convection Heating - -
Oven Capacity 28Liters 20Liters 30Liters
Temperature Range 40-200 ℃ - 110-200 ℃
Time Range 60mins 60mins 60mins
Temperature control Yes - Yes
Power Level 5 9 10
Functions Cook Mode, Charcoal / Indian Cuisine, Healthy heart recipe, Indian Roti Basket, Ghee, Diet Fry, Low Calorie, Kids / Pasteurized Milk
360° Motorised Rotisserie
Reheat,Time/Weight Defrost,Grill 101 Auto Cook Menus, Steam Clean, Deodorize, Timer option
Auto Reheat, Digital Clock, Power Save, Keep Warm
Overheating Protection, Sensor Malfunction Protection, Express Cooking
Bake/Tandoor/Oven Yes - Yes
Keep Warm Yes Yes Yes
Air Fry Diet Fry No No
Deodorization - - Steam Clean
Add Minutes 30sec 10min/1min/10sec 10min/1min/10sec/1sec
Presets Charcoal Lighting Heater - Healthy cooking. Hearty Flavour, Ghee in 12 minutes
360° Motorised Rotisserie, Pasteurize Milk,Defrost,Keep Warm,Auto Cook
Grill,Indian Receipes
44 auto cook menus
101 Standard Menus
Special Health Plus Menu Nutri Pro Feaature Yoghurt,Fermentation
Safety Features
Automatic shut-off Yes Yes Yes
On/off switch Yes Yes Yes
Overheat Protection Yes Yes Yes
Child Safety Lock Yes Yes Yes
Power-on light Yes Yes Yes
Basic Features
Door Type Side Swing Handless + Button Handle
Door Orientation Left Left Left
Turn Table on/off Yes No No
Color Black Black Silver
Body Material Steel + Ceramic + Glass Steel + Ceramic + Glass Steel + Ceramic + Glass
Time control Yes Yes Yes
Ideal for 4-5 people 2-3 people 5-6 people
LED display Yes Yes Yes
Sound on/off Yes Yes Yes
Digital Temperature display No No Yes
Cord Size (length) - - -
Wifi Enabled - - -
Portable Yes Yes Yes
Special - - -
User Interface
Digital Display Yes - Yes
Control Method Pop Up Dial Touch Buttons Time and Functions Touch Buttons
Power Usage
Plug Type 15A 15A 15A
Rated Power Input 900W 700W 2200W
Power Consumption Microwave 900W 700W 1400W
Power Consumption Oven/Convection 1950W - 2200W
Power Consumption Grill 1200W 1000W 1250W
Rated Voltage 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz 230V/50Hz
Energy efficiency feature Energy Saving Energy Saving -
Height 31.1cm(12.2inch) 25.2cm(9.9inch) 43.8cm(17.2inch)
Width 51.2cm(20.2inch) 45.5cm(17.9inch) 53.9cm(21.2inch)
Depth 48.8cm(19.2inch) 32.0cm(12.5inch) 30.0cm(11.2inch)
Weight 19.4kg 11.0kg 18.4kg
Body and electrical components Warranty 1 year standard warranty on Product,10 years on Charcoal Lighting Heater,4year on Megatron 1 year standard warranty on Product,4year on Megatron 1 Year Comprehensive Warranty + 3 Years Warranty on Magnetron & Cavity + 6 Years Spare Parts Support
Sales Package
Net contents Microwave, Glass Tray, Rotating Ring, Rotisserie Bar and Handle, Milk Pasteurization Kit, Owner’s Manual, Recipe Manual Microwave,Glass Turntable, Starter Kit, Quick Guide Label Microwave oven, Roller ring, Glass tray, User manual, Leaflet, High rack, Low rack, Baking plate
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