Comparison Full specification of (तुलना) Chimney चिमनी Elica FLCG PB 900 HAC NERO VS Inalsa Maris 75BKMAC to find which is better.



Elica FLCG PB 900 HAC NERO Chimney
Inalsa Maris 75BKMAC Chimney
VALUE FOR MONEY Not Better Better Buy
Reasons to Consider
PROS 1310m3/hr suction power
100 to 200sqft
1350m3/hr suction power
Name Elica Inalsa
Launch Month Sep-2022 Aug-2022
Type FilterLess FilterLess
Oil Collector Yes Yes
Cleaning Heat Auto Clean Heat Auto Clean
Diameter of air outlet 6inch 6inch
Power 1310m3/hr 1350m3/hr
Kitchen Area
Size 100 to 200 sqft 100 to 175 sqft and heavy frying/grilling
Noise Level
DB 58DB 65DB
User Interface
Control 3 Speed Push Buttons 3 Speed Touch Control
Motion Sensor
Lamp 1 x 1.5W LED Lamp 2 X 1.5W LED
Color Black Black
Design Curved Glass Toughened glass top
Width 900mm(35.4inch) 750mm(29.5inch)
Depth 391mm(15.4inch) 485mm(19.1inch)
Height 415mm(16.3inch) 571mm(22.5inch)
Weight 10.1kg 12.2kg
Mounting Type Wall Mounted Wall Mounted
Number of Burner Stove
Handle 3 to 5 2 to 4
Special 1310m3/hr suction power Filterless
1350m3/hr suction power
Warranty 1 Year Comprehensive & 5 Years on Motor 2 Year Comprehensive & 5 Years on Motor
Installation Charges ₹600 Pricing List ₹500 Pricing List
Ducting Kit ₹800 Pricing List ₹1200 Pricing List
Annual Energy Consumption
Watts 219watts 180watts

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