Comparison of (तुलना) Air Fryer एयर फ्रायर Prestige PAF-6 Basket 2L VS Inalsa Fry Light Basket 4.2L to find which is better.

*MAJOR DIFFERENCES* Prestige PAF-6 Basket 2L RoomHeater
(Rank 10)
Inalsa Fry Light Basket 4.2L RoomHeater
(Rank 5)
VALUE FOR MONEY Not Better Better Buy
Reasons to Consider
Reasons 2.5Liter Basket
Temperature and TimeControl
4.2Liter Capacity
Temperature and TimeControl
6 preset cooking Functions
Name Prestige Inalsa
Launch Month Dec-22 Dec-22
Air Fryer
Type Basket Air Fryer Basket Air Fryer
Cooking technology
Heating element Heat from coil Heat from coil
Warm Air circulation Rapid Air Crisp technology
Special - -
Temperature Range 80-200°C 140-200°C
Time Range 0-30 minutes 0-30 minutes
Capacity 2.5Ltr 2.9L Basket
4.2L Cooking Pan
Temperature control Yes Yes
Has Nonstick Coating? Yes Yes
Functions Air Fry, Broil, Roast, Reheat,Bake Fry, Bake, Grill, Roast, Reheat
%less fat used as claimed by company 95% 99%
Presets - 6 in 1
French Fries,Meat,Fish,Shrimp,
Safety Features
Automatic shut-off Yes Yes
Cool wall exterior Yes Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes Yes
On/off switch Yes Yes
Ready signal Yes Yes
Power-on light Yes Yes
Basic Features
Color Black Silver
Body Material Plastic Plastic
Bucket Material Steel Steel,Aluminium
Quick clean Yes Yes
Non Stick Coating Yes Yes
Non-slip Feet Yes Yes
Time control Yes Yes
Ideal for 1-4 People 2-6 People
LED display Power Indicator Power Indicator
Digital temperature display No Yes
Cord Size (length) 1.3m 1.3m
Wifi Enabled No No
Portable Yes Yes
Special Smoke Vent -
User Interface
Control Method Knob to control Time and Temperature Timer Knob,Temperature Control Knob with 6 Presets push buttons
Digital Display - -
Power Usage
Plug Type 15A 15A
Rated Power Input 1200W 1400W
Rated Voltage 230V 230V
Energy efficiency feature - -
Depth 27.0cm 29.0cm
Width 27.0cm 36.5cm
Height 32.0cm 32.0cm
Weight 6.2Kg 5.2Kg
Body and electrical components Warranty 1Year 2Year
Sales Package
Net contents 1 Air Fryer, 1 Pan, 1 Frying Basket, 1 Instruction Manual & 1 Recipe Book 1 Air Fryer,4.2L Square Basket Detachable Handle,Receipe Book
Product Page
Amazon Shop Prestige PAF-6 Basket 2L Inalsa Fry Light Basket 4.2L

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