Comparison Full specification of (तुलना) Air Fryer एयर फ्रायर Agaro Elegant Basket 6.5L VS Prestige PAF-6 Basket 2L to find which is better.

Agaro Elegant Basket 6.5L airfryer
Prestige PAF-6 Basket 2L airfryer
VALUE FOR MONEY Better Buy Not Better
Reasons to Consider
PROS 6.5Liter Basket
Temperature and TimeControl
2.5Liter Basket
Temperature and TimeControl
Name Agaro Prestige
Launch Month May-2022 December-22
Air Fryer
Type Basket Air Fryer Basket Air Fryer
Cooking technology
Heating element Heat from coil Heat from coil
Warm Air circulation 360° heat circulation technology Rapid
Special - -
Temperature Range 80°C-200°C 80°C-200°C
Time Range 1-60 minutes 1-30 minutes
Capacity 6.5L Pan 2.5Ltr
Temperature control Yes Yes
Has Nonstick Coating? Yes Yes
Functions 12 Preset Air Fry, Broil, Roast, Reheat,Bake
%less fat used as claimed by company 90% 95%
Presets 12 Preset cooking options for a hassle free cooking of your favourite dishes-Fish, cake, chicken thigh
French fries, bacon, roast, chicken, steak, shrimp, toast, vegetables, keep warm
Safety Features
Automatic shut-off Yes Yes
Cool wall exterior Yes Yes
Dishwasher safe Yes Yes
On/off switch Yes Yes
Ready signal Yes Yes
Power-on light Yes Yes
Basic Features
Color Black Black
Body Material Stainless Steel + Plastic Plastic
Bucket Material Steel Steel
Quick clean Yes Yes
Non Stick Coating Yes Yes
Non-slip Feet Yes Yes
Time control Yes Yes
Ideal for 2-4 People 1-4 People
LED display Power Indicator Power Indicator
Digital temperature display Yes No
Cord Size (length) 1.0m 1.3m
Wifi Enabled No No
Portable Yes Yes
Special - Smoke Vent
User Interface
Control Method Touch Button to control Time and Temperature Knob to control Time and Temperature
Digital Display Yes -
Power Usage
Plug Type 15A 15A
Rated Power Input 1800W 1200W
Rated Voltage 230V 230V
Energy efficiency feature - -
Depth 32cm 27.0cm
Width 28cm 27.0cm
Height 28cm 32.0cm
Weight 5.7Kg 6.2Kg
Body and electrical components Warranty 2Year 1Year
Sales Package
Net contents 1 Air Fryer,6.5 litre non-stick inner frying pot 1 Air Fryer, 1 Pan, 1 Frying Basket, 1 Instruction Manual & 1 Recipe Book
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