Comparing Full specification of Air Cooler एयर कूलर Symphony Sumo 75 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 75-litres VS Symphony Sumo 115 XL Air Cooler 115Litre to find which is better.



Symphony Sumo 75 XL Powerful Desert Air Cooler 75-litres AirCooler
Symphony Sumo 115 XL Air Cooler 115Litre AirCooler
VALUE FOR MONEY Not Better Better Buy
Reasons to Consider
PROS 75Liter Tank
400sq ft cooling Area
115Liter Tank
430sq ft cooling Area
Name Symphony Symphony
Launch Month Sep-2022 Sep-2022
Type Tower Desert
Cooling Technology
Water Tank Capacity up to brim (in ltr) 75Liters 115Liters
Cooling Room Area 400 sqft(37sq meter) 430sqft(40sq meter)
Air Throw Delivery/Distance - 4000m3/hr
Ice Chamber Yes Yes
Cool flow dispenser Yes Yes
Cooling Media- Wood Wool/Honeycomb pads 3 side Honeycomb(PM2.5) 3 side Honeycomb(PM2.5)
Humidity Control No No
Climate Hot and Dry Hot and Dry
Special i-pure Technology i-pure Technology
Cooler Blower/Fan Features
Type Fan Fan
Fan blade size - 16inch
Number of Speed High|Medium|Low High/Medium/Low
Horizontal Swing 4 ways deflection 4 ways deflection
Auto Vertical Swing/Louvers Movement Yes Yes
Noise Level High High
Power Usage
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Max. Wattage (Watts) 190W 190W
Input Voltage 230V 230V
Inverter Compatability Works on inverter power Works on inverter power
Motor with Overload Protection SMPS Technology SMPS Technology
Cooler off Timer No No
Controls Type Fan|Cooling|Swing Control Knob Cooling & Fan Swing Control Knob
Castor Wheels 4 Wheels 4 Wheels.Any Direction
Auto Water Level Indicator Yes Yes
Empty tank alarm No No
Cord effective length 1.5m 1.5m
Removable Pads No No
Warranty on Product 1 Year 1 Year
Remote Control No No
Free trolley No No
Water Release Yes Yes
Free Cover Yes No
User Interface
LED Yes Yes
Digital Display No No
Width 707mm(27.8inch) 71cm(28inch)
Depth 480mm(18.9inch) 48cm(18.9inch)
Height 1070mm(42.1inch) 129cm(50.8inch)
Weight 13.4kg 16.2kg
Special 75Liter Tank
400sq ft cooling Area
115Liter Tank
440sq ft cooling Area

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ADVISE : How to select right air cooler basis tank capacity or room size!!!
Typical Area Size Small
(150 Sq.ft)
(300 Sq.ft)
(600 Sq.ft)
Extra Large
(900 Sq.ft)
15 Liters 25 Liters 40 Liters 55 Liters
Cooler Type
Personal Desert

ADVISE : Choosing Right Cooler Type!!!
FEATURES Personal/Tower Cooler Desert Cooler
Usage Personal/spot Cooling Room,outdoors,Terrace/backyard
Room Size Small-Mid Size Rooms Medium-Large Rooms
Climate Condition Humid Areas Dry Areas
Ideal For Temperature 30-40 degrees 40 degrees & above
Cooling Element Fans or Blowers Only Fans

ADVISE : Monitor your room temperature and humidity to select best Air Cooler
Room Thermometer with Humidity Incubator Meter and Accurate Temperature Indicator Wall Mounting LCD Digital Clock Monitor for Indoor/Outdoor

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